Genocide Memorials

During 100 days in 1994, over 800,000 people were murdered in the Rwandan Genocide. To read a brief history of what happened, follow this link to BBC News .

There are numerous genocide memorials accross the countryside. Here is the memorial in Kigali.

There is a wall that contains the names of the identified victims.

Mass graves are identified by concrete slabs which contain the remains of victims. It is a horrowing site to drive through the country and see these graves virtually everywhere you look.

While in Butare, I met a young boy who picked up a stick and drew it accross his neck and stomach and then pointed toward this church. This was another site of a church massacre. It is currently being rebuilt.

When visiting Nymata, we visited another church which was the site of a 5000 person massacre.

When you enter the church, there are shelves filled with skulls.

When you turn toward the front of the church, you see that they have left the bones where they were slain. You have to walk on top of the pew benches and step over the bones.

As you continue walking toward the front of the church, you notice the alter. As I saw this, I could not help but think that at some point this held the communion elements. Now it holds a skull. What a chilling picture of the horror that has taken place.

These are bags of bones and clothing that have not been sorted for identification. The process is slow and is on-going.


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