Street Kid Outreach

Due to the Genocide of 1994, there are many children in Rwanda who are orphaned. Many of these orphans now live on the streets. At our Street Kid Outreach, we had over 300 kids show up, with many more turned away due to a lack of space.

To begin the service there was a drum choir, a vocal choir, and some dancers. Then we gave a couple testimonies and a Biblical message was presented. Many kids responed to the call to come forward and give their lives to Jesus.

At one point in the service a man and woman from our group were selected to represent the father and mother these children never had. It was truly an emotional moment when these parental representatives hugged the orphaned kids.

The drummers were incredible.

Callin, Katie, George, and I got a chance to play with the drum choir! How cool is that?!

After the service and the drumming, we shared a meal with the kids and handed out Rwanda Partners shirts.



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